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National consensus and cooperation can only solve the nation’s issues

Deep issues of the country can be resolved only through consensus and cooperation. In the past, Nepal, especially on the basis of national consensus of political parties, has side-lined important issues before us. The first four-year term of the Constituent Assembly was dissolved without a constitution.

The tenure of the first Constituent Assembly ended due to the failure of consensus and cooperation between the political parties. During the second term, the then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala prominently promoted the policy of consensus and cooperation, so it was possible to draft a constitution even in complicated situations. With that constitution, the country is moving forward on the democratic path.

A culture of consent is equally important at present. What is important is that the main result of the recently concluded general election can be considered as giving the party a support to move forward with national consensus as the centre. In this sense, there is currently a seven-party coalition government in power in the country and there is still no alternative to the need for greater national consensus to solve many of the country’s problems.
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ emphasized on consensus and cooperation in the program organized by the 73rd National Democracy Day Main Celebration Committee held in the capital on Sunday. The Prime Minister’s statement has made the need and importance of broader national consensus in the country more clear. The country is facing a critical economic situation and politics is also not stable. In such a situation, it can be clearly seen that there is a need for national consensus even to determine the priority of social justice, good governance, peace, stability, and prosperity.

Currently, the solution to the various problems facing the country cannot be solved by just one or two parties. A broader national consensus can be the only solid foundation for this. It is an unfortunate situation that some parties seem to be against the national consensus even in this situation. It is also a question of time to disagree with this type of agreement to prove their vested interests. In reality, national consensus can be considered as the targeted path towards the country’s development and prosperity. Through national consensus, the country is confident that it will achieve all kinds of goals.

The main goal of a political party is the welfare of the country and its people. Prosperity of the country. From this, politics will be able to guide the right path. In this situation, there is no doubt about the fact that it will be the basic duty of all political parties to join hands on the national issue focusing on the country and its people. If a greater national consensus can be maintained among the political parties on basic issues, public faith and trust in democracy as a whole can be enhanced.

Social justice, equality and prosperity can be achieved only through greater national consensus. This will ensure institutional democracy. The republic adopted by the country will be stable and dynamic implementation of federalism will be possible. It is a fact that the image of political parties has deteriorated somewhat among the general public as they have always participated in power-centered games in the past. For this, national consensus can play an important role in improving the image of the party.

Elections for the new president will be held in the country within a few weeks. In this context, there is a lot of discussion regarding the national consensus. Hardly anyone has a different opinion that the president should be a universally accepted person as the guardian of the country. Unexpected events can also happen when a partisan worker of a certain political party is the president.

Therefore, when a person trusted by everyone becomes the president through national consensus, it seems to have a positive effect on the political stability of the country. For this reason, national consensus is of special importance. MPs, Provincial Assembly members will be voters in the presidential election. They were elected on the ticket of most of the parties. Party influence remains natural, but in some matters it is necessary to rise above the party.

In this context, it is the need of the hour to elect a person who can be proud of the country by establishing a consensus between the parties. Revamping nation is not possible without the national consensus. It is must for the country’s peace, stability, and prosperity.

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